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Financing for the Next Level



There’s a lot to think about when buying a house – and it’s normal to have questions, especially if it’s your first time it can be a confusing process. Our team will guide you through the process, and you will have your keys in no time!

Putting Keys into Door


Paying down your mortgage builds equity you can use to take cash out – great for renovating or paying down high-interest debt. Getting a mortgage with a lower monthly payment can help with goals like saving for college or retirement.

Luxury House


A short-term loan that covers the costs of building or renovating a home for you and your family, or an investment opportunity that you cannot pass up, we will be there to help you every step of the way to the sale or permanent financing.

Contractor Working On House

Loan Programs

Suburban House


The most common loan programs, with low down payment options available.

Government Building Columns


Government backed loan, available with down payments as low as 3.5%.

US Army Soldier Uniform


100% financing for eligible Veterans, Reservists and Active Duty Personnel.

Horse Ranch


Unique programs available in designated rural areas.

Credit Assessment

HELOCs and Seconds

Turn your home equity into cash in as little as 5 days.

Mansion at Dusk


Loan programs tailored to your unique larger property needs.

Romantic Couple

Reverse Mortgages

 Eliminate your monthly mortgage payments, available for homeowners ages 62+.

Fixing Window

203k Renovation

Turn the house you like into the home you love.

Handing Over Keys

Down Payment Assistance

Grants and financing that can ease the burden of a home purchase.

Stock Market Down

Asset Based/Depletion

Qualify on the basis of your Bank assets and Bank activity.

man holding a passport

Non-US Resident/ITIN

Programs designed for non-citizens, but still want to invest in or purchase property.

Apartment Balconies

DSCR/Rental Income

Qualify for financing with the power of the rental income or rental potential.

Business Coomercial Buildings


Direct Private Capital Debt or Equity Participation

Large or small, unique programs for every out of the box scenario.

options are available for Redevelopment, Flips, and other Value Add Scenarios.

About Me

Christopher Andrew Govoruhk

Christopher began in the industry as a kid, helping with his family's house flip projects. Learning from a young age about the real estate industry, and most importantly everything starts with hands-on "Do-It-Yourself" hard work.

Christopher prides himself in having a solid team and system to assist home buyers and property owners in finding the right program to fit their financial needs. With over a decade of experience specifically in the mortgage sector, Christopher has helped thousands of people obtain financing for their dream home, and looks forward to helping future home buyers reach their own homeownership goals.

Christopher’s dedicated group of underwriters and home-financing professionals work with Christopher and the client to ensure each loan receives individualized attention and each client has a clear direction. Make your families' dream of homeownership a reality.

Picture of Christopher
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